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The story so far

For over 20 years, our team has been striving forward in the field of maintenance management, creating innovative products that help companies around the world get maintenance working not only better, but cheaper. Valuekeep is the culmination of all that work, a brand and a product that encompass our mission of making maintenance easier to manage and less costly for everyone around the world.

Our mission is to make maintenance easier, cheaper and even friendlier for you!

The people behind Valuekeep

Valueekeep - Luís Cadillon
Luís Cadillon
Managing Director

Luís is leading Valuekeep in its global expansion strategy.

Valueekeep - Célia Pinto
Célia Pinto
Tech Lead

Célia brought to Valuekeep years of experience from leading Valuekeep’s EAM predecessors.

Valuekeep - Marco Oliveira
Marco Oliveira
Product Manager

Marco has developed his career in the maintenance software area and he’s the Product Specialist of Valuekeep.

Valueekeep - André Moreira
André Moreira
Marketing & Inside Sales

André started his career in Sales & Marketing in the UK, and recently joined Valuekeep to support the team.

Any questions?

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