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Construction Maintenance CMMS Software

If you are a civil engineer or a building manager, you know that the success of a construction project depends on the availability of your equipment and machinery. To efficiently control all of that, you have to have a maintenance software that can be up to that challenge.

Valuekeep's Construction maintenance software guarantees that you can do your job proficiently . When using our CMMS solution, you can easily manage preventive maintenance, work order management, run materials inventory and control spare parts. This means that you will have full visibility and control over the project.

Awesome benefits for you

Manage tasks of your subcontractors

By giving them access to receive, edit and close out work orders.

Maximize safety of your assets

By adding notes of any safety issues so they can be addressed and resolved quickly

Reduce work request response time

By creating “requester” accounts for your staff, managers or contractors so they can request new work orders whenever is needed.

All the features you need


  • Ensure total availability of materials in the warehouse using inventory management tools
  • Create maintenance alerts that will tell you when the work is needed


  • Pre-schedule maintenance for your high volume and high risk machinery
  • Control all the parts and inventory available in stock. Get notifications when you're close to run out to ensure that you guarantee asset availability


  • Automatically trigger work orders for maintenance of your fleet
  • Run maintenance management for each vehicle, system, equipment part or to all your transport system

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