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The CMMS software that will help you control all the maintenance operations

Hospital and clinic maintenance CMMS software

If you are a maintenance manager or a facilities manager at a hospital or clinic, you have a difficult task of ensuring the uptime of all critical assets.

This type of equipment is used on the daily basis and sometimes is difficult to be on the top of all the maintenance work required for each asset.

With Valuekeep CMMS software for hospitals and clinics, you can control all the assets where you are, using the web or mobile solution, you can schedule preventive maintenance, assign work orders, report incidents and, improve communication with technical teams.

Awesome benefits

Improve maintenance work scheduling

By checking availability of your technical team, location of planned maintenance, problem type and more…

Increase assets uptime

By scheduling and controlling preventive maintenance work of your critical and non-critical assets.

Maximize reliability and safety

By automatically triggering work orders that help you create preventive maintenance plans for your equipment.

All the features you need


  • Setup notifications that will alert you when maintenance work is required
  • Track, communicate and control maintenance costs and activities


  • Control spare parts costs and availability by tracking all the stock in the warehouse
  • Easily access and organize information about your healthcare facilities and most critical assets


  • Receive work requests from technical teams at your healthcare facility
  • Have access to spare parts inventory to ensure that you always have the necessary parts in stock, avoiding system downtime

Our clients

Check some of our clients in the industry and their success stories with Valuekeep CMMS software.

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