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Reduce the fleet maintenance costs with your new Transportation CMMS software

Transportation Maintenance CMMS solution

Maintaining a transportation network without issues isn’t easy, especially when you have a large number of assets that require a lot or preventive maintenance.

Using Valuekeep’s Transportation & Fleet maintenance software, your organization will be empowered to track and analyze all your fleet’s usage, inspections requirements and costs. With our 100% web solution, you can access all your fleet’s information wherever you are – create reports easily , access your vehicles’ preventive maintenance schedule and create new work orders.

With our easy to use and easy to configure solution, you will control all the fleet maintenance operations and with that optimize all the processes and reduce the maintenance costs of your fleet.

Awesome benefits for you

Maximize reliability and safety

By automatically triggering work orders that help you create preventive maintenance plans for your equipment.

Control vehicles associated costs

By accessing vehicle consumptions, usage, inspections and other important metrics.

Reduce work request response time

By creating “requester” accounts for your staff, managers or contractors so they can request new work orders whenever is needed.

All the features you need


  • Easily organize and view your transport systems in an easy structure
  • Track, communicate and control maintenance costs and activities


  • Reduce spare part costs by tracking parts & supplies inventory
  • Control spare parts inventory availability


  • Automatically trigger work orders for maintenance of your fleet
  • Run maintenance management for each vehicle, system, equipment part or to all your transport system

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