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Casa da Música

Casa da Música

Find out a success story that is a reference to the Portuguese cultural panorama.

Casa da Música - Case Study

Casa da Música, one of the country's premier concert halls, with an internationally recognized architecture by the 2007 RIBA Award, manages a complex space with 14 floors, more than 700 doors, 340 electric panels, 34 air handling units, 8 lifts, multiple processing stations and many other valuable equipment with the support of an integrated maintenance management solution.


​​​​​​Main goals

  • Implement preventive maintenance strategies
  • Ensure continuous operation of equipment
  • Simplify intervention plans
  • Streamline the management of technical teams
  • Quick overview of maintenance activities
  • Easy access to global indicators on activities


​​​​​​The solution

  • Integrated Maintenance Management Solution, Valuekeep


​​​​​​The benefits

  • Easy implementation of maintenance plans
  • Reduced risk of breakdowns
  • Quick planning of interventions
  • Speed and accuracy in the management of spare parts
  • Immediate access to indicators that supports decision-making
  • Agility in the management of technical teams that provides outsourcing services


"The complexity of the Casa da Música is extraordinary and of a huge demand, so the information system is essential to ensure that everything works well, and through Valuekeep, we ensure an optimized and efficient maintenance of all this space."

Paulo Sarmento e Cunha, General Diretor at Casa da Música