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How does CYMI manage 3 photovoltaic facilities with a single solution?

Termogod - Case Study

CYMI is a service provider in the Power & Renewables sector that specializes in electrical installations, instrumentation, industrial assembly, mechanics and maintenance of industrial facilities, power generation facilities, renewable energies, infrastructures and, single buildings. The organization's maintenance team had a great need to implement a maintenance management solution to track their KPIs.

Find out how this company is decreasing downtime by implementing Valuekeep.


Main objectives

  • Manage operations executed by the maintenance technicians themselves
  • Manage maintenance operations executed by external companies
  • Record and track all operations executed on the premises
  • Facilitate preparing activity reports
  • Create preventive maintenance plans
  • Access management key performance indicators (KPIs) to support decision-making
  • Get an overview of all maintenance processes



  • Implementing the Valuekeep maintenance management solution in 3 photovoltaic facilities in Spain



  • Increased productivity and control over the company by removing the outdated practice of using paper and Excel spreadsheets external to the system
  • Speed and ease of reporting work done on the field
  • Greater efficiency in implementing maintenance strategies
  • Increased ability to manage the work of technical teams


"With Valuekeep, we can manage all the maintenance processes of our different photovoltaic facilities from different geographic locations in a single management solution."

Dimas Sánchez, CYMI's Maintenance Manager


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