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Globalia improves results after integration with Valuekeep solution

Termogod - Case Study

Globalia is the main tourist group in Spain, with more than 40 years of existence. It manages several companies that compete in their respective sectors, including the airline Air Europa and Be Live Hotels.

Among many other activities, Globalia also provides aircraft repair and maintenance services. Find out how Globalia Mantenimiento eliminated the sheets of paper and achieved better results with the implementation of Valuekeep.


Main objectives

  • Centralize and manage maintenance information on a single platform
  • Control the material through its own warehouse
  • Increase the control capacity of the technical teams
  • Speed up the preparation of activity reports
  • Increase the operability and profitability of the investment in equipment



  • Implementing the Valuekeep maintenance management solution at Globalia Mantenimiento



  • Ease of implementation of maintenance plans
  • Thorough knowledge of maintenance costs per equipment
  • Fast and accurate management of spare parts stocks
  • Tracking of the intervention status in real time
  • Management indicators on performance levels
  • Optimization of the decision-making capacity
  • Overall control of maintenance activities


"Valuekeep is a very comprehensive product, with numerous work options. It has enabled us to improve coordination between the manager and the technicians and has avoided episodes in which the work is performed more than once needlessly"

Antonio Nadal, Head of Operations at Globalia


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