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José Avillez Group

Group Avillez, Restaurant CMMS

Group Jose Avillez selected Valuekeep to manage the maintenance operations of Michelin-starred restaurants

As a Portuguese chef, José Avillez's main mission is to promote Portuguese gastronomy and contribute to make Portugal a gastronomic destination of excellence. He is considered a reference for gastronomy in Portugal.

The José Avillez Group owns 13 restaurants, the most recognized being Belcanto (distinguished with two Michelin stars), Bairro do Avillez and Cantinho do Avillez, in Lisbon and Porto.

The group has selected Valuekeep's CMMS solution to manage the maintenance operations across all their restaurants, which have more than 1000 types of assets each.

Main objectives

  • Manage the maintenance of the assets across 13 units in different locations
  • Ensuring food safety through the control of cleansing and disinfection operations
  • Improve communication from the reporting of a breakdown to its resolution
  • Create reports of all maintenance operations
  • Eradicate use of paper and decrease time spent on phone calls and emails after interventions


  • Implementation of Valuekeep CMMS software and Valuekeep Mobile app


  • More detailed and centralized information on a single platform
  • Increased productivity of maintenance technicians
  • Streamlining processes 
  • More efficient work order and event management without overloading existing resources
  • Mobility: real-time information of each restaurant, anywhere
  • Integration of Valuekeep with temperature sensors of cold storage cabinets
  • Management of preventive maintenance plans

"With Valuekeep, the information reaches us in greater detail, which facilitates the diagnosis of equipment and the preparation of work. We manage to be more productive with the time we have. We don't waste time with phone calls and e-mails between interventions, which has resulted in increased availability of technicians". 

Diogo Martins, Maintenance Manager at Jose Avillez Group


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