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O Feliz Group

O Feliz Metalomecânica

The Group "O Feliz" reduced machinery breakdowns by 30% by controlling maintenance operations with Valuekeep software.

O Feliz - Case Study

A key reference in the metalworking industry, the group 'O Feliz', increased its production capacity, reduced maintenance and repair costs for equipment and assets, and made the investment on new machines worthwhile by using Valuekeep's maintenance management software.


Main goals

  • Identify and characterize the machine park
  • Simplify the location and tracking of equipment and assets
  • Implement preventive maintenance strategies
  • Predict breakdowns
  • Increase the operability of equipment and assets
  • Reduce costs of repairs and faults
  • Increase return on investment made on equipment
  • Provide reliable information to support investment decisions


The Solution

  • Implementation of Valuekeep CMMS software, integrated with central and production management systems



  • Increased responsiveness at production peaks
  • Increased operational performance of machines in critical periods
  • Reduced the number of breakdowns by around 30%
  • Increased investment in new equipment and improvements
  • Granted productivity and production capacity growth
  • Knowledge of equipment maintenance costs
  • Real-time performance levels indicators
  • Optimization of the decision-making capacity on equipment investment


"We needed real-time information on maintenance costs, and in this area, Valuekeep is a huge help because it allows you to quickly know which occurrences are associated with each equipment and its maintenance and profitability costs. With this data, we have made solid decisions on the investment or removal of equipment, in line with the strategy of the group."

António Feliz, Chairman of the Board of Director