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Differences between the CAFM and CMMS software
The acronym CAFM stands for Computer-Aided Facility Management and CMMS stands for Computerized Maintenance Management System. Although these two digital platforms have a few similarities, it is...
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How COVID-19 is changing the Maintenance paradigm
Across all industries, the global COVID 19 pandemic is having a major impact on the way we work to survive this unexpected situation. Companies are forced to reinvent themselves and, following this...
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Tips for working from home
Thanks to today's advanced technology, work does not have any space limitations. For most people it is possible to work from home, using a computer and internet connection.  Benefit from this...
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Why is the facility manager important when facing COVID-19?
The facility manager is responsible for carrying out the building infrastructure maintenance, which mainly includes the space organization and the equipment maintenance. Inevitably, this space...
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Differences between a cloud and an on-premise CMMS
The business world is in constant digital transformation and it is essential that companies have tools capable of meeting their needs in order to increase their teams’ efficiency.  ...
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