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4 reasons why you should manage your assets in the cloud

The definition of the cloud may seem complicated, but we can quickly understand it as the term used to describe a vast network of remote servers, distributed all over the world, that are interconnected with each other and function as a single ecosystem. These servers were designed to store and handle data, as well as to enable access to all the information online from a device connected to the Internet: this translates into real-time information available, anywhere.

It is becoming more and more frequent hearing the expression that “everything in the cloud” and this basically means that companies are choosing to migrate all data to this solution to ensure greater security of the organization's information.

In fact, there are several reasons that encourage the innovation and monitoring in the digital age in which we live, however, the aim of this article is to demonstrate how the cloud can facilitate the day-to-day of your maintenance department.

1. Security

The cloud is safer than any other internal system

When an organization decides to implement a cloud maintenance management software (CMMS software) to manage assets and facilities, it is automatically ensuring that all the organization's data will be secure. Concerns about someone accesses a computer directly and removes relevant information about the business is eliminated, as all data is protected in the cloud by advanced data protection and continuous data backup technologies.

2. Accessibility

The cloud platform allows you to access data wherever you are.

This platform offers full data access from anywhere. If you are out of the office and need to access the system to view some information, it is possible to do so without any restriction, from a device (computer, smartphone or tablet) with an internet connection.

3. Automatic updates

The cloud solution offers you the latest software versions without the need for installation (automatic updates).

With the implementation of a cloud maintenance solution, you get a complete service that also guarantees the maintenance and continuous updating of the system. The developers that are working on the solution are constantly developing new functional upgrades or launching customer-specific requests, which will be automatically installed in the cloud, ensuring you access to the latest versions.

4. Optimization of IT resources

Reduce infrastructure management and maintenance costs.

The IT team will not have an increased burden regarding the management of infrastructures, applications, and users since all the service is guaranteed by the cloud CMMS software provider. Therefore, it can reduce the costs related to the solution setup on the company's PCs and the purchase of new servers. Consequently, the IT department ends up having more time to dedicate to other innovation and development projects for the company.

The easy access to information and data security are two major objectives that most companies have in common. Cloud maintenance software is a solution that meets these needs and provides a simpler and more effective way of managing assets and facilities.

Learn about Valuekeep's cloud CMMS software and start managing your assets and facilities in a fast, secure and without lengthy software setup.

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