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5 reasons why your business needs a CMMS software

5 reasons why your business needs a CMMS software

Nowadays, supervising a facility, fleet or a manufacturing operation can be a really difficult task if you don’t have access to the right technical resources. Many businesses are losing a lot of money every year due to lack of maintenance and poor control over their assets, which sometimes can be caused by difficulties related to the business structure and operational challenges that they face.

With the introduction of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), the maintenance industry has felt a huge change in the maintenance and facilities management areas. This technology has helped many businesses – from small to large companies – to control and organize their assets efficiently and with that, increase uptime and longevity of their assets and low down the maintenance costs of their equipment.

There are many benefits of using a CMMS. One of the greatest benefits is the fact that you will have full visibility over your assets and ensure the upkeep and best performance optimization of your facility, fleet or critical equipment. Also, the CMMS will provide you with visibility over the maintenance schedules and costs of your assets and resources. You can consult all the details about machines, human resources and available stock on the CMMS, which makes it easier to review all the maintenance program of your business.

The CMMS software came on to help businesses improve their efficiency and safety, becoming one important ally for every maintenance department in doing their job right and without the hassle of old processes that take time and resources. A CMMS solution it can also help businesses ensuring that maintenance standards are established and followed, assuring that technical teams are following regulations on how to inspect and repair equipment, or keeping track of all maintenance standards.

To better understand the full advantages of a CMMS, we have described a few features of this maintenance software:

  • Asset Management: With the CMMS software you can access and update most of the information about your equipment. Review all the equipment details such as the value of spare parts, renewal dates of services and stock availability.
  • Preventive Maintenance: CMMS software helps you automate the scheduling of your maintenance tasks and preventing unexpected reparations. By leaving reactive maintenance behavior, you will ensure the best performance and longevity of your equipment and reduce the overall maintenance costs.
  • Mobile capability: We live in a digital world and maintenance can’t be left out. New CMMS software provides the mobile capability to its core functionalities. Adding work orders, accessing assets information or seeing scheduled work is now easy and accessible, wherever you are.
  • Integration: Today, technology is more user-friendly, and connectors are more frequently available to ensure the synchronization of all the important data between software. CMMS software will help you have a single solution for managing resources and assets.
  • Reporting and Dashboards: One of the biggest advantages of CMMS software is the reports and dashboards that can be generated. Use that function to see all the maintenance costs that your equipment had during a period, see the number of work orders requested and how long they took to be completed. All the important information that you need to see just in front of you.

If your business has a need for a CMMS software solution, then start benefiting from these and other important features. It’s time to improve the efficiency of your company and enlarge the lifecycle of your assets with this amazing resource.

There are hundreds of CMMS and facility maintenance software systems, all offering work order management, preventive maintenance, and equipment management modules. However, every business has its requirements and budgets sizes, but maintenance management software does not need to cost thousands of pounds.


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