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Benefits of maintenance management software for the hospitality industry

Hospitality CMMS

The success of a hotel, resort or guest house, depends essentially on one thing – happy customers. A hotel may have the best facilities, a highly competent team of staff and an excellent service, but a simple failure is enough to ensure that customers do not repeat the experience again.

Maintenance managers in this industry must constantly pay attention to such basic aspects as making sure that the internet, television, air-conditioning and access systems work properly, to ensure the comfort of all hotel customers. No matter how small the faults or breakdowns are, they should be resolved immediately so as not to disrupt guests' stay. To do this, the hotel's maintenance department should practice regular preventive maintenance.

The maintenance management software provides the necessary tools for a more efficient maintenance that helps to plan the work and allowing the manager to monitor and analyze the performance of the tasks and, consequently, make better decisions.

Let us introduce you to 3 of the main benefits of the maintenance management solution for hotels and resorts:


1. Asset tracking
For a more efficient maintenance management, the maintenance team must be familiar with all the assets available in the hotel. The maintenance management solution has a feature that allows users to add information to each equipment, so that, later, technicians can easily access, and in the field, all the necessary information, such as manuals or information from the last repair or history of the equipment.

NFC and RFID are examples of wireless technologies that can be linked to tagged devices in order to quickly identify and record information associated with each equipment, through the mobile application, from a smartphone or tablet.

2. Faster response time
The maintenance management of a hotel includes mainly tasks related to electrical, mechanical and sanitation faults. In that cases, a quick response time should be the highest priority for a maintenance manager. As soon as a fault is detected, it is important that the issue is promptly reported and resolved, and that maintenance technicians receive immediate alerts about the most urgent work to be performed.

With the CMMS software, it is possible to configure the way in which technicians receive notifications with information on the jobs and tasks that must be performed to resolve the incidents: they can be received via e-mail, chat, notification on the software or even, on their smartphones or tablets.

The possibility of adding photos of the defective equipment, which can be accessed instantly, also helps improve the repairing process.

3. Preventive maintenance plans
Creating preventive maintenance plans and automating processes can improve efficiency and increase equipment performance, which can include power generators, lifts, escalators, air conditioning, and air treatment systems, kitchen machines and gardens. The plans help increase the productivity of assets, avoiding equipment failures or downtime.


The above points effectively ensure a significant reduction of time and maintenance costs and optimize the management of assets and resources. With the implementation of a CMMS software, hospitality businesses are able to meet their main objective: the satisfaction and comfort of all their customers.


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