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Digital transformation and its impact on industrial maintenance

Industrial Maintenance 4.0 | Mantenimiento Industrial | Manutenção Industrial

The industry 4.0 or the Fourth Industrial Revolution is today a reality that produces several effects on the performance indicators (KPIs) of companies, as well as it ensures many benefits such as reduced costs and energy, greater security and a rise in efficiency of the technical processes.

At the base of this technological revolution is the digital connectivity of equipment and machines to the internet - Internet of Things (loT) - making them more intelligent thanks to the use of sensors that allow us to monitor their operation. The equipment and employees are connected to a network, through digital platforms that provide information on a real-time basis. Data, information, and knowledge supported on paper become redundant or even eliminated, with absolute priority given to the integration of physical assets into digital solutions. It then becomes possible to create a fusion between the real and the virtual world, which results in a greater capacity for interaction and communication with the equipment.

Smart cars, home appliances with remote controls and an infinity of devices are just some examples of this new digital reality that is already in evidence in many industries.

For organizations that already use smart performance monitoring systems with IoT, a digital maintenance management solution make this investment viable, centralizing the operation and control of all industrial maintenance activities.

Reducing risks and increasing safety

Preventive measures are now easier than ever. Through a maintenance management software (CMMS Software) it is possible to manage all the equipment, establishing and controlling preventive or corrective maintenance plans. The entire industrial maintenance process is integrated into this platform, allowing to monitor the status of all activities, materials consumed, time spent on each activity and the related costs. All this information is present in the history of each equipment, allowing, to know the number of repairs and associated costs of an asset, as well as the lifetime and contribution to the company's profitability.

Data is collected automatically by means of sensors that communicate using technologies such as Bluetooth or RFID. This new digital age makes assets smarter, with electronic self-identification tags (e.g. RFID), capable of storing the information of itself.

By using a maintenance management software, it is possible to make predictions based on the analysis of fault states, detection of wearing signals and fault conditions. All of this without the need of human resources dedicated to the operation.

Preventive management systems significantly increase assets' performance, equipment safety and return on investment.

Therefore, we conclude that the maintenance management software plays a very important role in companies whose operational capacity is dependent on the availability and usability of the assets.


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