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How to benefit from a maintenance software in the Construction sector

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Plan, manage and organize. These are three key actions to the success of any business. A company that does not have a detailed and organized plan will hardly be able to accomplish the ideal project management.

Regarding the Construction sector, companies must carefully manage their inventory, tools and personal protective equipment available. The intelligent management of this process is crucial to identify when to replace or repair equipment, decide if it is necessary to order more material, organize tasks and manage consumption. All of this makes it possible to accomplish successful projects more efficiently.

Maintenance software makes it easier to plan and organize the operations, assuring that projects are completed on time. In this system, the data is constantly updated, and the information is accessible from anywhere. Users can view in real-time the status of the operations, the number of parts available in the inventory, among other relevant information for an effective maintenance management.

Considering how demanding construction projects are on the equipment, a maintenance solution can have a particularly important impact on the return on investment, simplifying maintenance processes and centralizing the most critical data about the equipment in the system.

Maximizing the return on investment
Maintenance costs are key factors for the return on investment in equipment and installations. Some studies prove that disorganized maintenance operations can consume up to 40% of an equipment's operational budget. However, many managers continue to act reactively, which in the long run can prove far more expensive than investing in preventive maintenance strategies.

Controlling maintenance operations efficiently leads to greater equipment durability, i.e. in return for the investment made. By organizing and streamlining maintenance processes, you can obtain a clearer and more controlled view of the performance of your assets. Besides, malfunctions will be less frequent and, if they occur, they can be solved more quickly.

Simplifying the inspection process and the regulatory compliance
In the Construction sector, it’s required the compliance with a series of standards that are essential to ensure the safety of the employees. The maintenance software allows to plan and simplify the inspection process, by recording on the system who performed which task and when. This allows construction companies to prove their compliance with the established standards, through the reports on the inspections carried out on equipment.

Ensuring the availability of equipment to increase productivity
Having a clear and accurate view of the availability of each piece of equipment is fundamental for the productivity of the company. With the maintenance software, managers can check if the tasks were performed correctly and within the established deadlines, as well as knowing if the necessary resources to complete a given operation are available. This way, the maintenance department can increase the equipment availability periods, which leads to an increase in productivity.

Expenses can also be minimized by monitoring the repair history. This information allows companies to know when it is more convenient to replace equipment rather than repair it.

These are just some of the advantages of using a maintenance solution in the civil construction sector.

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