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How does the maintenance software simplify the auditing process?

Valuekeep - How does our software help simply the audit processes.

Auditing is a priority for the person in charge of maintenance. Appropriate maintenance practices and compliance with the standards can avoid production stops and fines, as well as ensuring hygiene and safety in the workplace.

In all companies, regardless of the activity sector, audits are performed to assess the performance level of the organization according to the criteria. The starting point to address this challenge is to invest in tools that speed this process and guarantee that the activities are done by registering the tasks and their dates.

Making the maintenance processes more digital opens the way to new tools that simplify audits. With the maintenance software, the professionals can access the operations’ records, generate reports and implement more effective preventive maintenance strategies. These changes contribute to more efficient and intelligent organizations.

In the food industry, for example, safety audits ensure that manufacturers are complying with all food production standards, in other words, guarantee the conformity (FDA) for the (ISO 22000 or GFSI) certification. A recent study from The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) identified the lack of preventive maintenance operations as the fifth most common problem in the USA’s food production industry.

Attaching relevant information to equipment files
The CMMS software allows the attachment of documents, such as user manuals, electric and mechanical plans or photos of equipment to your information file. This allows the maintenance professionals to quickly identify solutions for their assets, either production lines, single machines or even physical spaces that require maintenance.

Generating automatic reports
With the maintenance management solution, you can generate automatic reports for all maintenance tasks, meaning that the professionals can gather data, select the most relevant metrics and create reports faster. Additionally, it allows to check the efficiency and the number of equipment inspections to present proof of conformity to the auditors. This information is also relevant internally, as it assures that the operations are being performed in the most efficient way possible.

Creating audit histories and work orders
On the other hand, the maintenance software allows to archive work orders, audits and other maintenance tasks in a single system.

Planning and scheduling
The maintenance software calendar simplifies the planning of maintenance operations in compliance with the established standards. This feature sends a reminder every time a maintenance task is required, assuring that it is not forgotten. Once the maintenance is placed on the calendar, it also acts as a compliance record.

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