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The importance of the preventive maintenance plan for your business

For a company to operate with profitably and efficiency, it’s important that all the equipment is running at 100%. For that, preventive maintenance planning should be part of this process. Without a well-defined plan, it is easy to forget important tasks and to spend resources on unnecessary solutions that could be avoided.

Preventive maintenance planning is crucial for the correct operation of all infrastructures, as they are responsible for increasing the equipment's lifetime and for avoiding the need to purchase new assets in the future. However, this is only fully implemented with the development of a correct preventive maintenance plan.

If your business doesn't follow preventive maintenance plan strategies, it only acts on a reactive basis to equipment failures, which highly increase the chance of equipment downtime and waste of resources time (technical teams, external providers, etc).

How to prepare a preventive maintenance plan?

Before starting to develop a preventive maintenance plan, set out the results that you want to achieve with the implementation of the plan in your company, such as, for example, reducing the costs related to reactive maintenance by 25% by the end of the year.

The preventive maintenance plan is a document created by the maintenance manager, which contains an overview of the equipment and the periods of time during which it should be checked throughout the year (weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, annual). In this list, the assets are divided by equipment categories.

In addition, the maintenance plan provides a list of tasks associated to each equipment and the period in which they must be carried out, as well as the required resources to complete each task, bringing benefits like the saving of resources, increasing productivity and the profitability of the equipment.

The main objective of the preventive maintenance plan is to ensure that all listed equipment is properly reviewed in order to maintain its maximum productivity.

At the end of each year, the plan must be reviewed by the maintenance manager so that the following year's plan is based on the performance and tasks related to each equipment.

In summary, a preventive maintenance plan should include a list of assets and equipment, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), safety procedures and the estimated time to complete preventive tasks.

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