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Tips for working from home

Thanks to today's advanced technology, work does not have any space limitations. For most people it is possible to work from home, using a computer and internet connection. 

Benefit from this advantage and make your Home Office as productive as if you were at your company.

Have a look at some valuable tips: 

Choose your workspace

Define the space at your home where you will be working and make sure you have everything you need to perform your daily tasks. If you're working from home, don't think you just need a computer and internet connection. You need to create a division between your work and your personal life, so don't choose your bed or sofa as your place to work. Create a comfortable space, without distractions and with the necessary resources to work. This space will provide you with the ideal conditions to carry out your tasks as efficiently as you would do in your office. 

Keep the routine

Establish a ritual or follow the routine you usually do when you go to work in the office. Get dressed, have breakfast and start your day. By following a daily routine, you'll increase your chances of being productive.

Create a to-do list

Be proactive and stay motivated. Create a to-do list to ensure that you accomplish the tasks set for the day and continue to achieve the expected results. Lack of structure can result in difficulty in recognizing the end of the workday. Don't overextend and work the established hours. Don't work more hours to balance the fact that you're out of the office.

Avoid distractions

Stay away from your children, pets, and television. Solving a personal problem or performing a domestic task are examples of productivity losses that can be avoided. You must be clear and impose rules on yourself, to keep the focus on your to-do list and not fall into the temptation to make exceptions.

Stay in touch

Make sure you are always contactable and talk to your colleagues if you need help. Use a remote communication application or mobile phone. You must be available and keep an open communication channel to communicate and ask questions. Therefore, you will continue to foster and encourage work and teamwork.

Take a break during tasks

Don't forget to take breaks while you work: keep up the routine. While working remotely, it's easy to lose track of time during tasks and skip breaks. Have a coffee, water, a snack or just get up to clear your head and move on to the next task with energy.

Finish the day

Once you have completed your to-do list and time set, turn off your computer and get back to the routine of your personal life. Enjoy working from home. The Home Office can be a more advantageous way to find a balance between personal and professional life. 

Any process of change at work requires time for adaptation and will have unexpected challenges. Working on the Home Office requires an additional predisposition for productivity. Therefore, to be productive and efficient in a remote working situation, it is necessary to have discipline and self-control. The working environment can change, but commitment and good results must be maintained.

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