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What are OEE and PM Compliance (PMC)?

What are OEE and PM Compliance (PMC)?

What is OEE?

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is a metric widely used in the maintenance field, which enables to find out what is the overall efficiency of the equipment.

This metric analyzes the performance (production capacity), quality (number of parts without faults) and the availability of the machines, to verify if the equipment is working properly or if a maintenance intervention is required to return them to their maximum efficiency.

How is the OEE calculated?

The purpose of the OEE is quite simple: to compare the actual behavior of the equipment in relation to its maximum performance capacity. If the OEE is low, it means that there is room for improvement, which means that something is preventing the equipment from achieving a higher performance. The formula used to calculate the OEE is as follows:

OEE = Availability x Performance x Quality

The closer the OEE is to 100%, the closer will be the equipment to its maximum production capacity. The availability is calculated according to the time that the equipment has been in operation and the planned working hours.

What is PM Compliance (Preventive Maintenance Compliance or PMC)?

PMC is the compliance rate for preventive maintenance. It represents the percentage of scheduled preventive maintenance tasks that have been performed within a defined time frame. This maintenance metric is the relationship between the number of preventive maintenance plan operations carried out in a given period (year, month, week) and the number of work orders expected for the same period.

To calculate the preventive maintenance compliance rate, the following steps must be followed:

  • Define a preventive maintenance plan and a task list for each piece of equipment
  • Carry out the preventive maintenance plan during a defined period
  • Calculate the percentage of preventive maintenance work orders completed on time

It is important to know which work orders from the preventive maintenance plan were performed within the set time frame.

It is not enough to know whether all the preventive maintenance tasks have been completed or not, it is necessary to understand if all the planned work orders were performed before the defined deadline: this is the rule of 10%.

This is the golden rule of 10% for the preventive maintenance compliance rate, which states that a preventive work order that has a deadline of 30 days to be completed must be completed 3 days before the end of this period.

These maintenance metrics help to provide a clearer and more credible view of the company's management, on the effectiveness of the equipment and the compliance with the preventive maintenance plan.

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