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How to benefit from a maintenance software in the Construction sector
Plan, manage and organize. These are three key actions to the success of any business. A company that does not have a detailed and organized plan will hardly be able to accomplish the ideal project...
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Valuekeep - How does our software help simply the audit processes.
How does the maintenance software simplify the auditing process?
Auditing is a priority for the person in charge of maintenance. Appropriate maintenance practices and compliance with the standards can avoid production stops and fines, as well as ensuring hygiene...
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Digital transformation of Maintenance
Nowadays, a lot is said about digital transformation. In the maintenance area, it could not be different. But what does this term mean anyway? In short, digital transformation is about gaining...
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The importance of the preventive maintenance plan for your business
For a company to operate with profitably and efficiency, it’s important that all the equipment is running at 100%. For that, preventive maintenance planning should be part of this process. Without a...
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What are NFC tags and QR Codes and how to apply them to maintenance management
When it comes to Maintenance, companies are increasingly seeking agile processes to track the status of machines and equipment, which is a critical factor for ensuring the success of an organization...
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