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Release of new and improved reporting features on Valuekeep

New customizable reports and Dashboards

At Valuekeep, we know that the data entered into our maintenance management software is a source of knowledge that cannot be undervalued. Therefore, we are committed to improving our standard data analysis features so all users are able to access all the information through more practical, accessible, relevant and always available reports to assist maintenance managers and technical teams in their daily work.

With the release of our latest version, Valuekeep v2.64 (released on March 25), we have upgraded our standard reporting offer, including a number of visual enhancements and new customization features. From now on, whenever you need, it is possible to extract all the relevant information without taking hours to prepare a report.

What are the key improvements in reporting functionality?

  • New design and layout of all standard solution reports;
  • Easy customization of all reports with the company logo;
  • Ability to print any view or list on Valuekeep, allowing even the visualization of any information added by the user;
  • Ability to editing, cloning, sharing and exporting to different formats (eg pdf).

Personalizable Reports

New standard Work Order (WO) analysis reports

The Work Order analysis reports, which include an Operational Work and a Work Report report, went also undergone several improvements in terms of design and layout.

From now on, it is possible to access the information of each WO in a quick and simple way, as well as to use the tools of personalization of the WO forms to include (or even exclude) fields that are important for the work analyzes of technicians, locations, and teams.

With these new reports, we guarantee to our users the access to all the information of all WOs in a more simple, detailed and customized way.

What are the advantages for maintenance management teams?

  • Print, share, or export any view or list, including user-modified lists, in an improved custom format;
  • Print, share or export the operational or work report maps from any Work Order;
  • Edit and clone WO reports for a more detailed analysis.


Find out more about this new Valuekeep standard offer in the following video:



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