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Valuekeep in full activity under Home Office regime

Despite the situation in the country due to the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19), Valuekeep is in full operation. Employees work from home and all services are provided in the usual way, without any disruption in the performance or associated services.

Thanks to the technology used daily in the company, Valuekeep has successfully implemented a series of measures that guarantee the continuity of services.

Currently, all Valuekeep's employees – without exception – are working in the Home Office (remote work) for an indefinite period. This measure has been taken to maximize the safety and protection of people and the business. Before the Covid-19 outbreak, remote work was already partially used by some of the company's employees, so this does not mean a drastic change in the execution of employees' activities.

With this approach, we are able to ensure that all our employees keep working safely, continuing to perform their daily tasks and avoiding the spread of the Covid-19 virus as much as possible"

says Luís Cadillon, General Director of Valuekeep

This way, Valuekeep ensures the continuity of all services, as well as the implementation and remote training of new customers who wish to acquire the Valuekeep solution during this alert situation.