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Valuekeep Mobile, now faster and more agile than ever

Valuekeep Mobile - Version 2.6.2

Three months have passed since Valuekeep Mobile was released, but the work did not stop. We listened to our customers’ suggestions and concerns and addressed them, releasing a new version of Valuekeep Mobile.

Since its release in November 2016, Valuekeep Mobile, Valuekeep's maintenance management solution for Android and Windows 10 devices, has been met with great acceptance from our customers. Today, many Valuekeep users cannot do without Valuekeep Mobile to make maintenance requests, assign and report work and the times and costs of interventions in a simple and quick way, wherever they are.

Three months after the initial release, we conclude that many customers have become much faster and more efficient in handling maintenance requests and assigning work orders to technicians, which translated into a reduction of asset downtimes and operation and production costs.

It was very important and gratifying to realize that Valuekeep Mobile is providing customers with more flexibility in their operations and also being regarded as an essential tool for increasing efficiency and reducing errors, costs and even paper waste in maintenance operations.

During this time, we listened to the opinion of our customers regarding features that they would like to see improved and implemented. Just like with any working tool, there is always space for improvement and introducing new features to help users be even more efficient in their daily work and maintenance operations.

First, we listened! Now we release the improvements you asked for.


Synchronization module

Starting today, you can now select how often you want your data to be synchronized with Valuekeep. With the new automatic sync feature, you can have your synchronization happen in the background without having to press the sync button. You can still use the manual option any time you want to send the saved data instantly.

Changing the state of “Drafts” after synchronizing

Drafts created but not converted into Issues or Work Orders are not lost after synchronizing any longer. Now, when you create a draft it will always remain available for viewing or filling in the remaining information when appropriate.

Locked users

You no longer have to worry about in which device you used Valuekeep Mobile the last time and forgot to logout. In the new version, you can easily switch between devices without your user being locked out.


Do you want to know more about how you can increase the productivity of your assets and locations without spending a fortune in maintenance management software?

Learn about how Valuekeep, alongside with the Valuekeep Mobile solution can help your company with the easiest, fastest and most inexpensive form of maintenance management.

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