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Valuekeep selected as the new maintenance management platform for PARFOIS


The cloud-based asset management technology developed by Valuekeep has been selected by PARFOIS to manage maintenance processes of more than 700 retail stores.


Valuekeep’s solution will integrate with the group's order management module, accessible from the different geographies where the brand is located, simplifying the management of maintenance The of different service providers, control of the requests of intervention and their respective costs, as well as, the overall management of the maintenance activity of all physical spaces of the brand.

With the implementation of Valuekeep, PARFOIS will have a maintenance management platform, 100% web that will integrate with the different parts working for the multinational: the retail center that supplies the chain of stores, the international network of commercial spaces and the maintenance service providers. With this platform, the maintenance orders for each store will be centralized in a portal that will allow managing HVAC systems, lighting, security, facilities, among thousands of assets; the status of each intervention; the materials used, and associated costs and the technical teams involved.

The project also includes the usage of a new mobile application that will allow the work reporting done by technical teams in real time, responding to the current digital transformation proposition of their business through access to information anywhere using a mobile device. 

According to José Ribas, PARFOIS’ Administrator,


"The women’s fashion market is one of the most globalized and sophisticated in the world, so the digitization of processes us fundamental to being able to continue on the front line, taking advantage of the technology that is currently for integration and mobility. In this process of digital transformation, PARFOIS we find in Valuekeep the right solutions for this inevitable change in an area of activity with high standards of competitiveness."



PARFOIS is a Portuguese Brand of women’s fashion accessories, based in Porto. Their first store was first to open in Rua de Santa Catarina, in the heart of the city of Porto. Created for all fashion lovers, the brand sells accessories such as jewelry, belts, shoes, sunglasses, purses, wallets, travel bags, scarves, and hats.

PARFOIS has a strong relationship with fashion trends. Each collection reflects the daily inspiration of the design teams, which are divided between Porto and Barcelona. Every week, all stores receive new products, and the collection is refreshed every single week. Nowadays, PARFOIS has more than 700 stores worldwide in 55 different countries.

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