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Termogod enters in the digital era with Valuekeep.

Termogod - Case Study

Termogod is the main reference in the maintenance of offices, industrial facilities and residential areas in Lisbon, and they have chosen Valuekeep’s maintenance management solution to help them increase the efficiency of their technical teams.


Main objectives

  • Simplify and centralize information management
  • Increase the capacity of control of technical teams
  • Improve the implementation of activity reports
  • Increase the implementation of maintenance strategies
  • Increase productivity in the administrative area
  • Get an overview of maintenance activities
  • Access management indicators to support decision-making



  • Implementation of Valuekeep’s maintenance management solution



  • Centralization of requests for intervention on a single platform
  • More efficiency in implementing maintenance strategies
  • Increased ability to control the work of technical teams
  • Rapid reporting of work done on the ground
  • Monitoring the status of real-time interventions
  • Fast response in the preparation of activity reports
  • Quick access to decision support information for decision-making


"With Valuekeep, the information is centralized in a single platform where all the requests for new interventions are made and managed. This simplifies the access to data and analysis, the monitoring of interventions and the effective control of the company’s global activity"

Paulo Godinho, Termogod’s Administrator


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