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Clients testimonials

Clients testimonials

"I recommend Valuekeep's software to any company that needs a flexible and highly configurable maintenance management solution to control their assets and spare parts in the warehouse, schedule work orders and to access the full maintenance history.”

Ernesto Roman, CAFOSA
Goiko Grill

“Valuekeep allows us to manage our restaurants and warehouses in a very easy and simple way. Our suppliers are automatically notified by e-mail when an incident is registered and when they must perform preventive maintenance work. In addition, our team received Valuekeep CMMS very well due to its efficiency in creating incidents that appear in the restaurants. All of this speeds up the communication between restaurants and the maintenance department.”

Stefani González Bello, Goiko Grill

“Valuekeep’s CMMS is an added value solution to our company because it centralizes and eases the access to information. Valuekeep also allows us to create dashboards and combine maintenance indicators, SCADA systems and many other data sources from our photovoltaic installation and outside sources.”

Eugenia Gosalvez Beato, COO of Eland

“GBingener needed a maintenance management software tool and Valuekeep has great functionalities for the development of our work as a facilities management service provider. The mobile application that they offer us is very useful for the preventive and corrective maintenance operations and incident management.”

Juan Antonio Viñas, GBIngener
Grupo Copese

“Valuekeep was the solution that provided us with the best guarantees of an efficient management of all our maintenance tasks. The Copese Group needed an agile and easy to use tool for reporting incidents, which was previously a manual process of a high risk of failure and delay.”

David Peribañez, Copese Group
Ulster Rugby

“With Valuekeep and its integrated CMMS mobile app, we can now instantly report new issues and easily allocate new work to our ground staff, and they can report back costs and time spent completing each operation.”

Ferguson Thompson, Ulster Rugby
Verduras Tabuenca

“We found on Valuekeep the perfect solution to help us with the maintenance management and efficiently control all our latest machinery across the 10.000m2 facility. Now with the Valuekeep CMMS, we control the preventive maintenance of our processing and packaging in a single system making our job much simpler and effective.”

Jesús Peréz, Verduras Tabuenca

“In the process of digital transformation, we find in Valuekeep the right solution for this inevitable change in an area of activity with high standards of competitiveness.”

José Ribas, PARFOIS
Casa Da Música

"Valuekeep’s CMMS came to help us work all preventive maintenance in Casa da Música. We are able to manage the maintenance of more than 2000 equipment, control preventive and corrective maintenance of equipment, create work orders for our technical and cleaning teams, and reduce maintenance costs efficiently."

Gilberto Gomes, Casa da Música